Workplace Shifts: The Top 15 Jobs on the Verge of Employee Exodus


In a recent survey conducted by Payscale, a software firm specializing in compensation data, insights into the professional landscape have emerged, indicating the top 15 jobs that employees are contemplating leaving. These considerations are influenced by various factors such as stressful work environments, return-to-office mandates, less-than-ideal compensation packages, and the current economic climate. As we delve into the details, it becomes evident that industries spanning technology to healthcare are experiencing a notable churn in their workforce.

The Landscape of Job Dissatisfaction

The survey results highlight the multifaceted nature of job dissatisfaction, encompassing stress, feelings of being underchallenged, burnout, and discontent with current pay and benefits. Additionally, the expansion of pay transparency legislation appears to have empowered employees to explore opportunities elsewhere, where better compensation, benefits, and work-life balance may await.

1. Senior Product Manager: A Leadership Exodus (66% Seeking a New Job)

At the top of the list is the Senior Product Manager role, witnessing a significant 66% of professionals considering a change. Despite the median pay reaching $144,000, the allure of other opportunities is strong.

2. Phlebotomist: Health Sector in Flux (62% Seeking a New Job)

Within the healthcare sector, Phlebotomists, with a median pay of $39,300, see 62% of professionals seeking new avenues, potentially due to the unique challenges posed by the ongoing health landscape.

3. Line Cook: Culinary Challenges (62% Seeking a New Job)

The culinary world is not exempt, as Line Cooks find themselves contemplating a move, with 62% seeking new opportunities. Despite the artistry involved, the median pay is at $32,200.

4. Patient Care Technician: A Critical Role Under Review (61% Seeking a New Job)

Patient Care Technicians, vital in the healthcare system, face challenges that have led 61% of professionals to consider leaving. The median pay stands at $37,700.

5. Emergency Room Registered Nurse: Stress in the Emergency Room (60% Seeking a New Job)

Emergency Room Registered Nurses, dealing with high-stakes situations, witness 60% considering a job change. The median pay is $79,100, reflecting the critical nature of their role.

6-15: Diverse Roles in the Exodus (Median Pays Vary)

The following roles, ranging from Cyber Security Analysts to Retail Sales Associates, all witness 58% of professionals contemplating a job change. Median pays vary across these roles, reflecting the diverse nature of industries affected.

Job Seeker Timeline: A Glimpse into the Future

Respondents expressing the desire to seek new employment have indicated a timeline, with a majority planning to initiate their job search within the next six months. This proactive approach suggests that the workforce landscape may witness notable shifts in the near future.

Conclusion: Navigating Change in the Professional Sphere

As employees across diverse industries consider making career moves, the professional landscape is undergoing a transformation. Employers and industries must pay heed to these signals and proactively address factors contributing to dissatisfaction, including stress, compensation, and work-life balance.

Payscale’s 2023 End-of-Year Job Market Report provides a comprehensive view of these trends, offering valuable insights for both employers and employees navigating the ever-evolving professional sphere. In the quest for a harmonious and fulfilling work environment, these revelations serve as guideposts for strategic decision-making in the months ahead.


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