What’s New. What’s Awesome. — December 2023 Release Notes and Product Updates


What’s New. What’s Awesome.

The holidays are almost upon us — gasp! — and just like you, we’ve got our eye on the prize to finish out the year with a bang 💥.

We’ve made important updates to nearly all of our products, and we’ve got some platform-wide improvements we’re tackling now to set you and your agents up for an incredible 2024. Read on to find out about the new features.

ActivePipe: 2024 Holiday Campaigns have arrived!

  • Did Santa bring a present for all the good real estate agents? New 2024 holiday campaigns for ActivePipe have been rolled out and you can freely preview the content in the 2024 Holiday Nurture Campaign Lookbook.


  • 2-Factor Authentication is now rolled out for ActivePipe users across North America, New Zealand, and Australia. If you aren’t familiar with how this works you can check out our help article.

MoxiBalance: A new look on the horizon for agents

We’re excited to be bringing a complete UI refresh to the agent portal in MoxiBalance. This new, modern look will feature some powerfully redesigned flows: a simpler, more streamlined agent experience, clear reporting, cap status tracking, and integrated bill pay. Stay tuned for more! 

In the meantime, we’ll be launching some small but mighty updates to help MoxiBalance operate even more seamlessly with everything your brokerage does. These include:

MoxiEngage: Keep an eye on your sphere with ease!

MoxiEngage users can now choose to sync their account to a personal Google Workspace email. Previously, MoxiEngage supported Office 365, Google Workspace business accounts, and Gmail. We’ve now included a personal workspace connector which will greatly improve sync options for teams or professional agents using their own Google Workspace account. You can read more on our help center.

MoxiEngage users will notice improvements across the Saved Searches workflow. We’ve improved how consumers (leads, buyers and sellers) are associated with agents and guidance for agents who encounter problems during Saved Search setup.

​Coming Soon:

  • Annual Property Review automation in the Stay-in-Flow module on the agent dashboard. The Stay-in-Flow dashboard module gives agents relevant suggested contacts to interact with and easy quick actions. We’ll be adding in a recommended action to generate and send an Annual Property Review for those customers who also have MoxiPresent enabled.

  • CASL Bulk Compliance – Canadian users will soon have an option to edit multiple consent records for contacts. 

  • 2024 Holiday Nurture Campaign content is now available for legacy customers using MoxiEngage Campaigns. See the ActivePipe notes above for a sample of the content.

MoxiImpress: Automatically create multiple videos

We’ve fixed an issue where a few customers were not receiving links to all of their automated videos for their listings when more than 1 video asset was included in a package. Now your agents can share videos across multiple platforms like social or email seamlessly.

Coming soon:

  • Deeper connection between MoxiImpress and MoxiPromote. By using MoxiPromote as your advertising service with MoxiImpress, agents can easily track ongoing ad campaigns and adjust spend without having to keep up with a special link – it’s all done in one dashboard.

  • Admins, rejoice! Upcoming improvements to reporting and data collection will make it easier than ever to monitor MoxiImpress usage and engagement. 

MoxiPromote: Simple, Effective UI Updates

We’ve streamlined a number of areas in the MoxiPromote interface to quickly get your ads up and running. You can also read a full guide to the MoxiPromote dashboard on our help center.

  • Navigation bar: Connected Facebook pages, Leads, and Media Library navigation items are now grouped under “Assets.”

  • Simplified table view: It’s much easier to see your running ad programs and automated programs.

  • The Quick Start menu: Now this handy tool does even more, allowing users to filter blueprints quickly by objective like “generate traffic” or “generate leads”.

  • Coming Soon: New blueprint coming soon to MoxiPromote for recruiting. Drive targeted traffic to recruit agents to your brokerage. 

End of Year Clean Up

The end of the year is a perfect time to tidy up any loose threads from a year full of innovation and industry ups and downs. Across all of the MoxiWorks realm, our teams are working on improving the user experience and preparing for another big year in 2024.

  1. Tax1099 audit and check for MoxiBalance. Every year we audit the process and make sure our connections are working reliably ahead of tax time. We’ve completed all of our tests and checks between MoxiBalance and the Tax1099 integrations and we’re ready to rock-and-roll come tax season.
  2. Back-end technology upgrades. We’re busily scrubbing out old code and moving remaining service jobs onto newer resources that run faster and more reliably. MoxiWorks is more than some buttons and emails — we have all sorts of automations running behind the scenes to aggregate listing and roster data, schedule and send customer communications, track and generate marketing materials, and surface insights along the way. These services are constantly maintained by our operations and services teams. This quarter they’ll be prioritizing wrapping up some work to move these ‘behind-the-scenes’ features onto new servers and systems to support more agents than ever before!
  3. Rolling out UX touch-ups into 2024. In addition to the behind-the-scenes pieces, we’ll also be providing a facelift to key places across our products. You’ll notice some subtle color changes, buttons looking more similar, mobile display improvement, and guiding text appearing throughout the product. This allows agents to use products more intuitively across the MoxiWorks space and more quickly adopt the tools and training.

Make the most of these updates

Let us know what you think about the updates! As a reminder, our Success Portal and your brokerage’s account manager are critical resources to help your brokerage get the most from these new features, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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