Tsai Capital 2023 Investor Letter


Exhibit IV News

Highlighted News

Latticework 2023 – MOI Global, “Christopher Tsai in Conversation with Peter C. Keefe”, The Yale Club, December 12, 2023

MarketWatch, “What Charlie Munger and Grandma Ruth Taught This Money Manager Whose Portfolio is up 50% This Year”, December 5, 2023

Good Investing Talks, “Interview with Christopher Tsai”, Part 2, October 26, 2023

Good Investing Talks, “Interview with Christopher Tsai”, Part 1, September 28, 2023

Forbes, “An Accidental Momentum Investor’s Market-Beating Strategy”, September 2, 2023

Bloomberg Businessweek, “Christopher Tsai Is Interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek”, August 1, 2023

Euro am Sonntag, “Christopher Tsai Is Profiled in Euro am Sonntag”, June 30, 2023

PR Newswire, “Tsai Capital Corporation Retains Rubenstein Public Relations as Agency of Record”, June 12, 2023

Zurich Project 2023 – MOI Global, Remarks of Christopher Tsai, “Investing in an Age of Disruption”, Zurich, Switzerland, June 8, 2023.

Talking Billions, “Christopher Tsai – Three Generations in the Investment Profession”, December 19, 2022. Available on Amazon, Apple, Google and Spotify

Latticework 2022 – MOI Global, Keynote Speech of Christopher Tsai, “Investing in an Age of Disruption”, The Yale Club, December 13, 2022. Available in the Tsai Capital Library at Tsai Capital

Good Investing Talks, “Christopher Tsai, is Investing an art? Insight from 20+ Years of Successful Investing”, February 14, 2022. Available on Spotify and YouTube

The Nightcrawler Podcast, “Christopher Tsai, Founder of Tsai Capital: From Curiosity to Human Psychology to Optionality…The Path to Becoming a Great Investor”, January 1, 2022. Available on


The Wall Street Transcript, “Buying Compounders at Big Discounts to Intrinsic Value”, November 9, 2020

Archived News

Business Wire, “Tsai Capital Exceeds $100 Million in Assets Under Management”, August 24, 2020

The Zurich Project Podcast, “Christopher Tsai on Navigating Through the Crisis of 2020”, April 23, 2020

The Zurich Project 2019 Conference – MOI Global,From Momentum to Value, the Investment Journey of Christopher Tsai”, Remarks of Christopher Tsai, July 6, 2019

All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett, “What’s Your Economic Moat? Interview with Christopher Tsai”, October 26, 2017

Nasdaq, “Christopher Tsai Is Interviewed by Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter of Nasdaq”, October 11, 2017

The Wall Street Transcript, “Preserving and Growing Capital with High-Quality Growth Companies”, October 9, 2017

Yahoo Finance Live, “Christopher Tsai Is Interviewed by Jennifer Rogers of Yahoo Finance”, September 25, 2017

Barron’s, “At Yum China, Growth is on the Menu”, August 26, 2017

Wealth Management Magazine, “Why Successful Investors Position Themselves with the Wind at Their Back”, August 2017

Bloomberg, “Tsai Capital Bets Starbucks Can Crack the China Code”, August 9, 2017

TheStreet, “Apple Has a Massive $250 Billion Cash Pile That Should Be Used on These Blockbuster Acquisitions”, August 3, 2017

Mic, “You’ve Got These Top Money Priorities in the Wrong Order”, July 19, 2017

Citywire, “American Know-How Meets Chinese Wisdom”, July 3, 2017

MarketWatch, “This Money Manager Aims to Hold on to Stocks for Decades”, June 13, 2017

PaymentsSource, “How Pizza Hut and Payments are Fueling China’s Retail Revolution”, May 30, 2017

Mic, “Will Investing in Wine, Art and Fancy Cars help You Get Rich Fast? Here’s the Truth.”, April 25, 2017

Barron’s, “Mead Johnson’s Formula”, November 5, 2016

Business Wire, “Jason D. Papastavrou Appointed to Tsai Capital Corporation Advisory Committee”, October 24, 2016

The Wall Street Transcript, “Investing in the Best of the Best”, July 18, 2016

Barron’s, “Viacom’s Hidden Value”, January 30, 2016

Bloomberg Briefs, “Tsai Capital Likes Mead Johnson on China Growth”, November 4, 2015

CNBC, “China Crash Underscores Risk for US Investors”, July 8, 2015

Barron’s, “Is the Party over in Shanghai?”, June 1, 2015

Private Air Magazine, “Christopher Tsai: Taking the Financial World by Storm”, Spring 2015

Barron’s, “Stocks Fall 1.3% on Oil and Currency News”, January 16, 2015

Barron’s, “Jobs Report Lifts Indexes to Record Highs”, December 8, 2014

Bloomberg Briefs, “Hedge Funds: SPOTLIGHT Opportunities Abound in Late Stage of Bull Market: Christopher Tsai”, October 21, 2014

Bloomberg Radio, “Christopher Tsai is Interviewed for “Taking Stock,” Hosted by Carol Massar and

Michael McKee”, October 8, 2014

TheStreet, “Christopher Tsai is Interviewed by Gregg Greenberg for “TheStreet””, October 7, 2014

The Wall Street Transcript, “Investing in Growth Global Equities with a Focus on Value”, September 1, 2014

Fox Business, “The Cost of Doing Business in China”, August 7, 2014

Crain’s New York Business, “Frothy Markets Ready to Pop?”, August 3, 2014

Kapitall, “A Long-Term Approach: Christopher Tsai on Investing in Asia”, June 23, 2014

ETF.com, “Hedge Fund Shorting Emerging Markets”, June 18, 2014

TheStreet, “Christopher Tsai is Interviewed by Gregg Greenberg for “TheStreet””, June 10, 2014

China Money Network, “Christopher Tsai: Betting on Asian Consumer Names Like Jardine Matheson”, April 30, 2014

FINalternatives, “Q&A: Tsai Capital Founder Sees Long-Term Opportunities in Emerging Markets”, April 10, 2014

Fundweb, “Christopher Tsai: Ignoring Asia’s Middle Class Will Be A Costly Mistake”, March 24, 2014

Bloomberg Radio, Christopher Tsai is Interviewed for “Taking Stock”, Hosted by Pimm Fox and Carol Massar, March 5, 2014

Business Superstar, Q&A Discussion with Christopher Tsai, President & Chief Investment Officer”,February 24, 2014

Barron’s, “Stocks Close Near Record Highs, Up 2%”, February 15, 2014

Business Insider, “Meet the Hedge Funder Whose Finance Roots Date Back to the Shanghai Stock Exchange During WWII”, February 12, 2014

Barron’s(Cover Story), “On the Rise”, April 29, 2013

Barron’s (Cover Story), “Big Money Poll: Dow 16,000!”, April 22, 2013

FINalternatives, “Looking Ahead to 2012: The Hedge Fund Industry Speaks”, January 6, 2012

Welling@Weeden, “Second Generation”, December 16, 2011

HFM Week, “Tsai Capital Debut Fund Targets Institutions”, June 22, 2011

FINalternatives, “Tsai Capital Launches First Hedge Fund”, June 3, 2011

Reuters, “Distressed Consumer No Longer Boon for Wal-Mart”, May 18, 2010

Barron’s (Cover Story), “Be Very Careful”, April 26, 2010

Barron’s, “Coke Can Float Your Boat”, April 20, 2010

Reuters, “US-Consumers Could Upgrade Brands – Tsai Capital”, March 30, 2010

Barron’s, “10 for the Money”, November 23, 2009

Dow Jones News Wires, “Tales of the Tape: Buybacks Seen Bolstering Bed Bath & Beyond”, November 6, 2009

Wealth Manager, “The Money Factory”, April 30, 2007

Barron’s, “A Good Name Above All”, September 11, 2006

Barron’s, “Happy Days – Part II”, May 1, 2006

On Wall Street, “Focused on the Long Term”, October 2005

Ticker Magazine, “Twenty Undervalued Growth Stocks”, August 2005

The New York Sun, “The Tsai Method of Selection: Stick to the Fundamentals”, July 20, 2005

Investment Advisor Magazine, “Catching up with…Christopher Tsai”, June 2005

Investor’s Business Daily, “Stock Buybacks on Record Pace, A Bullish Indicator for Investors”, November 12, 2004

Investment & Pensions Europe, “Fine Art of Art Investing”, October 2004

Financial Planning Magazine – SMA Adviser, “Tsai Capital – The Next Generation”, September 17, 2004

Worth Magazine, “Back Door to China”, September 2004

Barron’s, “A Methodical Man”, August 23, 2004

The Palm Beach Post, “Experts Say Fund Scandal Not Scaring Off Investors”, November 18, 2003


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