Train ChatGPT With Client Values For AI-Powered Content In 2024


Phil Stringer of AI Agent Academy told ICNY attendees to provide the AI chatbot with specific prompts that reflect the perceived value of their clients to gain back time in 2024.

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Artificial intelligence can be a great tool to work smarter in your real estate business — that is, if you know how to use it correctly, Phil Stringer, an AI efficiency coach at AI Agent Academy, told the audience at Inman Connect New York on Tuesday.

“In 2024, AI is either going to be the biggest waste of your time or it’s going to be the thing that saves you the most, and it’s up to you to decide,” Stringer said.

Stringer’s goal at AI Agent Academy, and for attendees at ICNY, is to teach other real estate professionals how to use AI to become more efficient and create revenue.

“If it’s not going to sell me more homes or help me take my time back, I don’t want to mess with it,” Stringer said.

The way to ensure that AI works best for you is to be thorough and specific with prompts, Stringer showed the audience. And once an agent understands how to use tools like ChatGPT the right way, it can give an agent “time freedom” in the future, he said.

“Anytime you can increase your output while maintaining or decreasing your input, you create leverage,” Stringer added. “The real estate agent with the most leverage wins.”

But agents also have to be aware that the value they want to provide to their target audience may be different from what agents perceive as valuable themselves. Understanding the difference between perceived and actual value is also crucial when creating prompts for AI tools, Stringer said.

“The only person who can correctly define value is the person receiving value,” Stringer said.

Following that theme, Stringer told the audience he had actually prepared five different presentations for the audience that day, and the audience could vote on which they wanted to hear, so that he could provide them with the information that would be most valuable to them.

Audience members then accessed a poll in real time during the session and voted to receive one year of custom ad content in Stringer’s presentation.

Phil Stringer ICNY audience Poll

With the audience’s decision clear, Stringer then told ICNY attendees to take the following steps to create their custom ad content through ChatGPT:

How to create one year of custom ad content:

  1. Train ChatGPT to understand your business and goals. Prompt the AI chatbot with detailed information about things like your target audience, neighborhoods, etc.
  2. Create a buyer/seller persona with a list of pain points. Be sure ChatGPT understands what your audience will value, and include information about your market and targeted product and price points.
  3. Have ChatGPT create a targeted ad based on the persona you just created. Tell ChatGPT you want ad copy for a specific product, market, buyer/seller persona, and specify for which outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  4. Tell ChatGPT to generate 10 captivating hooks for ads. Test those different hooks out in the market before the ad copy it just created, and transition to use the hooks that perform the best in the market.

Because it was his mother’s birthday, Stringer wrapped up the session by recording a happy birthday message to his mother from the ICNY stage, with everyone in the audience giving out a resounding “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

For all five of the custom content categories Stringer teased at the beginning of the session, visit

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