Top 10 Universities in the USA to Study MBBS

Pursuing a medical degree in the United States is a dream for many aspiring doctors. US education standard, cutting edge research possibilities, and exposure to wide-ranging clinical practices make it an attractive destination for medical students. This term “MBBS” is commonly used in India and UK. However, the MD (Doctor of Medicine) is the equivalent of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) in USA. Below are top 10 universities: from where you can study medicine.

1. Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Medical School (HMS) is famous around the world as being dedicated to delivering quality teaching, research and clinical care services. With an innovative course program that combines science with practical experience starting from the first year, HMS provides MD degrees which are dynamic in nature. Other resources available to students include state-of-the art facilities like Harvard affiliated hospitals; this includes Massachusetts General Hospital or Brigham and Women’s Hospital among others. The school also emphasizes research activities encouraging its students’ participation in groundbreaking studies.


Location: Baltimore, Maryland,

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is the leading institution in medical education, research and clinical care. It is home to the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital where students get a lot of experience in this field. The Genes to Society curriculum taught in this school seeks to provide learners with knowledge regarding virtually everything about medicine from its genetic building blocks to how the society affects their health. Well known for its research opportunities, it has significant funding and infrastructure that support student-led projects.


Location: Stanford, California

Stanford University School of Medicine has an innovative curriculum that emphasizes on self-directed learning, critical thinking and practical experience. Being in close proximity to Silicon Valley also means that there are unique opportunities for students who want to be involved in cutting edge research and entrepreneurial ventures on health technologies. This institution is known for its biomedical sciences’ research work which results into numerous programs including MD/PhD and MD/MBA dual degrees.

4. University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Location: San Francisco, California

The UCSF School of Medicine – the leading medical institution specializing in health sciences – is well-known for its involvement in medical research and patient care. In addition to training competent physicians, the faculty has put in place the Bridges Curriculum that aims at making them innovative healthcare leaders. The emphasis on interprofessional education and collaborative practice at UCSF helps students be efficient in working with diverse healthcare teams.

5. University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the oldest and most esteemed medical schools in America is situated within the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The school provides a flexible curriculum allowing for research interests, global health and clinical care among other options available to students. Through partnerships with premier hospitals such as Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Penn medicine ensures a holistic clinical exposure during training.

6. Location: New York City, New York

New York City-based Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons is one such place that gives medical students an intense but supportive environment. Situated in diverse patient populations and diseases of the city, its curriculum puts more focus on early clinical practice. For example, it has dual degree programs such as MD/MPH and MD/MBA.

7. Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Patient-centered care, research and clinical practice are those areas where Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine distinguishes itself in medical education. The Mayo Clinic’s wide-reaching healthcare system and team-oriented approach to medicine are advantages for students. The school is so selective and puts a lot of emphasis on training individual students that many future doctors prefer it over others.

8. University of Chicago (Pritzker)

Place: Chicago, Illinois

The Pritzker School of Medicine is famous for its small class sizes of students, strict courses and orientation towards research. The school encourages integration in the field of Medicine by blending basic sciences with clinical training and research at the very beginning of the course. Affiliation with University of Chicago Medical Center makes it possible for a range of clinical experiences to be offered to Pritzker’s learners.

9. Yale University

Situated: New Haven, Connecticut

Its curriculum called “the Yale System” renders Yale Medical School one of its kind in terms offering flexible learning experience to its students. This system promotes self-study skills, thinking critically as well as eliminating grading during the first two years which allows learners concentrate on understanding material rather than competing for grades. Additionally, there is explicable support from Yale in terms of numerous research centers and great funding for students’ work.



Duke University School of Medicine is famous for its innovative curriculum and strong emphasis on research. The Duke course condenses the standard four years of medical education into three, so that the fourth year can be devoted to independent study. This strategy encourages in-depth understanding of medical science and its relevance to patient care. Duke’s affiliations with renowned hospitals as well as research institutions provide many clinical and research opportunities.


Selecting a right medical school is critical for those intending to become doctors and USA’s top universities have unbeatable prospects in terms of education, research, and clinical experience. These colleges do not only provide rigorous academic training but also nurture creativity together with kindness in health care service delivery. Each one of these leading 10 universities does this through cutting-edge scientific work, broad-based skills obtained during service provision or even unique programs filled with various learning activities thereby ensuring that their alumni are fit enough to assume leadership positions and come up with new ideas within the medical discipline.

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