The Myth Of The Off Season In Real Estate 


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One of the reasons we love real estate is that no two days are the same. One day you’re negotiating for a buyer, the next you’re organizing a photo shoot, the next you’re signing a new client at a listing presentation. Some days you’re too busy to think, let alone eat, others you can slow down – because your clients are busy with Thanksgiving, summer vacations, back-to-school prep, or other seasonal busy-ness. 

Time for you to put your feet up and enjoy the quiet, right? Not so fast! The myth of the off-season is just that—a myth.

In real estate, you’ve got to embrace the “not-so-off-season” and put in the work. You’ve got some more time on your hands and your competition likely does too and is taking it easy, so be sure to take advantage of this time to make changes and build relationships so your name is the first your clients think of when they are ready to make a move. 

Set up your automations 

Put the power of technology to work for you! Take this extra time to set up some automations that will save you countless hours during your busy periods, like spring selling season. Setting up automations in your marketing is so beneficial because it allows you to focus on your clients and making sure they are supported and have your full attention throughout the selling process.  

Here are some things you can easily automate in your business: 

  • In MoxiPromote, you can set up automations so whenever you have a new or “just sold!” listing that fits the parameters set by you, a low-cost digital ad is automatically generated on your behalf. 
  • Neighborhood News is another great automated tool that’ll go to work for you immediately, giving your clients regularly scheduled updates on their communities, or areas they might be interested in. 
  • Plan and schedule some special e-newsletters for your sphere. It’s an important step to ensuring you’re touching base with your sphere throughout the holidays, and you’ll save a ton of time and stress by setting things up now. 
  • You can even update your auto-replies to go to work seasonally for you with local corn mazes, pumpkin patches, or food donation sites. 


Annual property reviews 

You’ve been given the gift of time, so take this opportunity to crank out a few annual property reviews. Following up with your clients regularly is a key part of retaining your business, so that means it’s worth giving them something valuable that shows your real estate expertise.  

Set up a weekly or monthly goal for how many reviews you can get out before the end of the year! Not sure where to begin? We’ve got plenty of ideas for how to give and get more value from your annual property reviews.  


Use your database 

The quiet days are a great time to do some database clean-up and check in on where some of your clients are within their home lifecycle. Are they new empty nesters? Are they getting close to their first housiversary? 

If you’re using MoxiEngage as your CRM, you can see where your clients are, housiversaries, and other key information that lets you know when it’s time to give them a little more attention. Identify some key players you know you’ll want to spend more face time within the coming months. This is another great opportunity to set a weekly or monthly goal for cranking through sections of your contacts before the year ends. 


Bulk create content

We all know the saying “video is king” (ahem, queen), but the majority use the excuse of “not having enough time” to keep up with a regular posting routine. Well, the off season is a great time to sit down and really double down on your social media strategy. Take a couple days or even weeks to pre-record and pre-write a bunch of evergreen content that you can pick from throughout the year.

When things get realllllly slow…

Real estate is full of ups and downs, busy times and slow times. The longer you work in the industry, the more you learn to adjust to seasonal changes and industry shifts. And the best of the best say to utilize this time to prepare yourself for the upcoming year so that you can hit the spring market running miles ahead of your competition who are just coming out of their off season sabbatical.   

However, don’t forget to enjoy some holiday and vacation time too! Working 7 days a week without a break won’t get you very far once you’ve burnt out. Taking care of yourself is critical so make sure you keep up a healthy balance of rest and rejuvenation during this slower season.

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