Text S.A. (LCHTF) Q3 2023/2024 Preliminary KPIs Conference Call (Transcript)


Text S.A. (OTC:LCHTF) Q3 2023/2024 Preliminary KPIs Conference Call Transcript January 4, 2024 9:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Lucja Kaseja – IR

Marcin Droba – IR

Lucja Kaseja

And once again, good afternoon and good morning to everyone. Very nice to see you in the new year. Today, there will be two of us presenting, Marcin Droba and myself, Lucja Kaseja, on behalf of Text Spółka Akcyjna. And today we will discuss the Q3 key performance indicators for the quarter. I’m going to start with some good news. Actually, we usually start about our vision and mission of Text company. And just a couple actually days ago, we managed to rebrand the last company in our group. Not that we have that many, just two of them, but our American subsidiary, which used to be LiveChat Inc., now is also Text Inc. So we are now all about text communication, both in terms of the name of the company. Previously, for some who have joined us more recently, previously we were listed as LiveChat Software for many years. And now with this new brand, we can go further into the presentation.

So our vision for the company is text intelligence for better customer service. It’s actually to help brands provide better customer service at scale. And this is something that we keep close to our heart. We were always into text communication and we want to make it much better in the future. I’m going to make a very quick summary of what we — whom we actually are just because some of the people which are on the call are new to the company and it will be just two, three minutes.

So we are a global software-as-a-service company. We operate from Poland, but actually our focus is United States and


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