January Demo Day: Smart Underwrite


Gateless: Smart Underwrite

Smart Underwrite represents a paradigm shift in mortgage lending. Real-time automation of critical underwriting functions, like the evaluation of credit, income, and assets, can drive real-time outcomes, including immediate loan approvals. These cutting-edge solutions interrogate loan data and documentation, instantly, upon receipt. Artificial intelligence, combined with expert systems, allows Gateless products to automate the completion of tasks and make decisions currently handled by human beings. The results: lower costs, reduced risk of human error, and faster loan approvals.

Product Fast Facts


Integrates seamlessly with a lender’s loan origination platform, via API services, to read, react, and perform real-time, automated, underwriting activities.


 Identifies loan conditions and related borrower tasks (data and/or documents) needed to fulfill those conditions. Reconciling conditions with AUS once run and results are available & pushes conditions and tasks back to the lender’s platform, LOS and POS / digital experience as applicable.


 Interprets, analyzes, and calculates data using 3rd party service reports, e.g., credit, income, asset verification, or borrower supplied documentation. Conditions and tasks cleared without human intervention.  Lender is left with true exception-based processing.


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