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Investors are awaiting the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. However, a recent survey by Bitwise Asset Management shows that only 39% of financial advisers believe it will come through in 2024. As a result, investors are turning to Galaxy Fox (GFOX) to diversify their portfolios.

Spot Bitcoin ETF poll

According to a recent Bitwise poll, fewer than half of advisers expect a Bitcoin ETF to be approved in 2024. 

Meanwhile, Bloomberg ETF analysts say there is a 90% chance of clearance in January 2024.

This difference in opinion between financial professionals and the general public could result in short-term volatility and crypto prices falling.

Investors exploring GFOX

Bitcoin’s response to the ETF ruling and its impact on the cryptocurrency market is a topic of interest in mainstream media. 

A Bitwise study suggests that advisers do not expect a spot bitcoin ETF until 2024, leading investors to turn towards tokens like Galaxy Fox and its token, GFOX. 

The Galaxy Fox ecosystem includes a web3 endless runner game where players earn GFOX based on their in-game skills. 

Rewards are given to the top 20% of players each season and are supported by a prize pool powered in part by 50% of in-game item purchases. 

The platform will also release 3,000 exclusive NFTs, including Galaxy Fox ecosystem characters, in the ongoing presale. 

A token burn mechanism and deflationary strategy will make GFOX more scarce, possibly supporting prices. 

The staking program is supported by 2% of GFOX transactions. As expected, the more a user stakes, the more the payout. 


Despite uncertainties around Bitcoin ETF approval, investors are still banking on Galaxy. Stage 6 of the GFOX presale is underway, with over 90% of tokens sold and participants receiving a 15% discount.

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