9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays That Don’t Suck


Gift Basket | 9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays That Don't Suck

The winter holidays are a fun and festive time for many of us, and a great time to reconnect with past clients to maintain strong relationships. But between the gift-buying, feast preparation, decorating, and cocoa-sipping, there’s simply a lot to keep folks busy — and enormous competition for their attention. The key to any nurture approach, especially in the hectic holiday season, is to focus on adding value, rather than just reminding people of your services.  

We’ve rounded up our favorite unique and personal real estate holiday marketing ideas to nurture your most important relationships.

1. Run a social media contest

Get clients who follow you on social media in the holiday spirit by hosting a holiday decoration contest. Invite past clients and leads to participate by sharing photos of their homes decked out in lights, wreaths, and more. Be sure to make it worth their while with the prospect of winning a fun prize, like a basket of locally sourced treats or a gift card to a local restaurant or home store.

2. Create local artisan gift baskets

Supporting local businesses while gifting clients is a win-win. Create gift baskets filled with goods from local artisans – like handmade chocolates, artisanal cheeses, or handcrafted candles for a thoughtful way to show appreciation and promote local small businesses. 

Just be careful to make it very clear that there are no expectations as a result of your gift — RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) violations are a very big deal. Review the law before you gift!  

3. Customized holiday cards

Nothing is worse than an obviously mass-marketed email greeting or generic holiday card devoid of real feeling. While holiday cards aren’t a particularly novel idea, when they are well-executed they are an excellent way to reinforce how much your clients mean to you. If you want to send holiday greetings, treat your clients like you would friends and family — send out personalized holiday cards and take the time to write a personal message in each. Reflect on your relationship, show your gratitude, and let them know you’re wishing them well.

4. Prepare an Annual Property Review

If you’re going to send email over the holidays, it better be valuable. Preparing an annual property review for past clients is a great way to stand out and let them know you’re still looking out for their investment. Create a customized report about how their property value has changed over the year, along with a broader market summary, to be both helpful and informative. 

Tip: MoxiPresent makes creating an Annual Property Review for your clients a cinch with dynamic templates that pull in real market data and look great in minutes. Learn more about MoxiPresent

5. Package up winter home care tips

Sending out an informative newsletter with winter home care tips, such as how to winterize their property or energy-saving strategies, offers value to clients and keeps you in their thoughts. If you partner with any local vendors for these services, this is a great way to share their contact information and position yourself as your clients’ expert in everything home. 

6. Give back to your community

Organizing or sponsoring a local charity drive during the holidays and inviting your network to participate is a great way to give back to the community while staying engaged with contacts. Whether it’s a toy drive, food bank donations, or rallying a group to volunteer at a local shelter, it’s a chance to do good together and boost your brand. 

7. Create a personalized calendar

At the end of the year, give a beautiful and practical gift by sending out calendars for the upcoming year. These aren’t just any calendars – they feature local landscapes, useful home maintenance tips, and key dates highlighted, like when to start preparing for tax filing or local events. Your clients will appreciate you all year long every time your reminders help keep them on track.

8. Treat extra-special clients to a work of art

For select top clients, commission a local artist to create a custom illustration or painting of their home. This unique gift is not only highly personal but also something they can cherish for years — and they’ll think of you every time they look at it.

9. Holiday recipe share

Everyone has their favorite holiday recipes – engage your sphere in a fun and nourishing way by sharing your collection of favorites in a nicely designed pdf or booklet. This could include family recipes, local specialties, or even contributions from other clients. It’s a personal touch that celebrates the season’s spirit of sharing and community.


Each of these ideas is designed to add value, strengthen relationships, and maintain a presence in clients’ lives in a way that is both professional and personable. Make them your own, and bring some holiday cheer to your sphere!

Happy Holidays!

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